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  • Do you need to know what matters to people in achieving a more just and inclusive New Zealand?

  • Are you looking to understand which solutions or policies for a more inclusive and equal society will have the greatest impact?

  • Are you concerned that the evidence-based solutions are not being heard by the public or politicians, and need to know how to move people to support and act on those solutions?

  • Are you advocating for social and environmental change and need the strongest foundation from which to do so?

The Workshop is a charitable organisation that exists for public good.

We can work with you to understand what matters to people, what to do to improve lives (taking an ecosystem view of causes and solutions), and how to effectively talk about what works (how to move people to take action).

We do this by connecting with and listening to people, distilling the best evidence, establishing how to talk about what works, and sharing our findings, and our tools with others through presentations and messaging workshops, .

Our expertise includes :

Identifying what matters to affected communities and the general public, identifying and analysing high quality research to establish what works and where impact will be greatest, devising and advising on policy options, understanding and explaining how different ways of talking about a policy affects people's response to it, developing messages and frames that shift opinions and move people to action, and training others to do the same.

Get in touch: 

Marianne Elliott, Co-Director | marianne@theworkshop.org.nz

Jess Berentson-Shaw, Co-Director | jess@theworkshop.org.nz

Or call us on 022 522 5065

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