Understanding how values work (what matters most to us) is essential to motivating people to understand and support your issue. And inspiring people to stay with you over the long-term.

In this interactive workshop you'll learn how to more effectively inspire people to understand, support, and get involved in your cause, campaign or collective action using evidence led-communication principles and the science of values.

What you'll learn

  • Principles of evidence-led communication

  • What values are and how they work

  • Which values promote attitudes and behaviours helpful to social & environmental wellbeing

    • How to craft more effective messages using values

    • Practical implications for strategic planning, policy, program design and campaigning.

Who should attend

This workshop is tailored for researchers who advocate, campaigners, communicators, organisers, fundraisers and leaders of organisations who want to motivate the public and politicians to understand and support their issues over the long-term, and in so doing create a more just, sustainable and democratic world.

People and organisations who would benefit from this training

Those working on issues in:

  • human rights and discrimination

  • transport and infrastructure (including housing)

  • poverty and inequality

  • education

  • human health and wellbeing

  • climate change and natural environment

  • animal welfare

  • employment /workers

  • gender fairness

What others have said


“The workshop was incredibly useful. The values based framing was new to me and has transformed my way of thinking about messaging and communications. As a Foundation, our goal is to make sure all young people in Aotearoa New Zealand have the resources and opportunities they need to thrive. In order to reach our goals we need to be able to communicate complicated messages around poverty, racism and concepts of success. The sessions really drove home the idea that people respond to our messages based on deeply held values and make decisions on more than just the facts alone and provided strategies for moving forward. Highly recommended.” - Lani Evans, Foundation Manager, Vodafone New Zealand Manager

“This workshop was extremely enlightening and illuminating! Some of the learnings were very ‘counter-intuitive’. I now see that I’ve got some un-learning to do. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone interested in positive social change and transformation. If you are working in this space, then you need to understand the importance of frames and values. If we always do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always got. It’s time to learn about a different way of talking about our work.” - Michelle Wanwimolruk, Philanthropic Advisor, Borrin Foundation

“The workshop was enlightening for me. It was interactive, well presented and challenged some of my long held assumptions about values and frames. The workshop really helped to better organise my thinking on the ways we need to construct and communicate our social change work. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to be more effective in their work to improve the world.” - Mary O’Hagan, Director, PeerZone and former Mental Health Commissioner

"The workshop was eye opening. It changed the way I approach communication in my job. The theory is optimistic and realistic about people and the ways they can be influenced, and how you can effectively make change. It runs counter to some of the assumptions I had around messaging and has helped me be more ambitious and creative in running campaigns. They include relevant and moving examples of the theory in action that made me laugh and cry, and the workshop has been adapted well to the New Zealand context.” - Leroy Beckett, ActionStation and Generation Zero

If you would like to attend this workshop and can not afford the full fee, please contact the organiser to apply for a scholarship.

The Workshop is part of the Common Cause Alliance, an international network of people and organisations working on evidence-led communication for systems change.