In this interactive masterclass we will:

  • Cover key tips of evidence-led communications

  • Practice reframing communications to engage intrinsic/helpful values and be more effective in how you talk about your issue

  • Workshop an example of your own work.


This is a Masterclass for those who already have a grasp of the Common Cause fundamentals. If you haven't yet attended an introductory workshop you can come along to the one we're running the day before this Masterclass.

Places at the Masterclass are capped at 16 people to maximise time for reviewing and workshopping everyone’s work.

Who should attend

This workshop is only open to people who have already attended a introductory level Common Cause workshop or who are otherwise very familiar with the approach. To check your suitability, please contact the organiser.

People and organisations who would benefit from this training

Those working on issues in:

  • human rights

  • transport and infrastructure (including housing)

  • poverty

  • human health and wellbeing

  • climate change and natural environment

  • animal welfare

What people are saying

"Common Cause training has been incredibly valuable for our organisation. It's difficult to think beyond ineffective messages and frames that have been in use for a long time, but the two workshops we attended (beginner and Masterclass) really helped us to think harder about what we were trying to communicate. We all want to help good ideas for social change to flourish, but sometimes we seem to go about it backwards! I found the workshops to be an excellent mixture of big-picture analysis and practical help with putting our newfound knowledge into practice. The area of social change we work in is particularly beset by negative frames, and the prompts from Mark, Marianne and Jess were really useful in pushing us to think imaginatively about how we could do better. I thoroughly recommend the workshops for employees or volunteers who have been working in a particular space for a long time as well as for those who are new to the kaupapa. We will be back! - Tania Sawicki Mead, Director, JustSpeak

If you would like to attend this workshop and can not afford the full fee, please contact the organiser to apply for a scholarship.

The Workshop is part of the Common Cause Alliance, an international network of people and organisations working on evidence-led communication for systems change.