Our vision is a more inclusive and just New Zealand. 

At The Workshop we know a more inclusive New Zealand is possible because most New Zealanders agree about the things that matter most to us. New Zealanders value compassion and manaakitanga to others, working together to solve our big problems, and being innovative in our approaches to those problems.

Our Strategy

These shared values are the foundation on which we can build effective solutions to the challenges we face. At The Workshop all our work is about building those effective solutions, with quality research, effective stories, and eco-systems thinking.


Quality research

Quality research means putting the values and preferences of people most affected at the centre of our research design and using processes to minimise bias when we search for and distil evidence.



Ecosystems thinking means always considering how the social, cultural and economic conditions of people’s lives, conditions like gender inequity, colonisation, climate change and the construction of the economic system, impact communities and people’s wellbeing.



Effective stories means that when scientists, researchers and advocates talk about “what matters” and “what to do” to achieve a more inclusive New Zealand, they can communicate that in ways that will bring about change.

Our Priorities

At The Workshop our conversations and research tells us that we need to:

  • Rethink our approaches to children and whanau who are under resourced so that all tamariki and families flourish.

  • Move from a justice system focussed on imprisoning people to one that prevents crime and rebuilds lives.

  • Ensure every person in Aotearoa New Zealand feels safe, welcome and included in communities where all voices are heard.

  • Shape and use technology in ways that reduce inequality and enhance our democracy and freedoms.

  • Help people in our growing social enterprise and philanthropic sector access the best evidence about where their work will have the greatest impact for wellbeing.

  • Support all sectors and communities to treat water like the taonga we know it to be.

  • Create a clear path to a carbon zero future.

  • Centre peace and equity in our foreign policy