Children & Families

Telling a New Story About Child Poverty in New Zealand, 2018

Telling a new story about "child poverty" in New Zealand explores common core stories or cultural narratives about child poverty in New Zealand. The report discusses why these stories and narratives may hamper efforts to convince the public and policy makers to accept expert solutions. Importantly, the report highlights the double burden our stories can create for children and parents living without enough. It concludes with research on how to change how we talk about child and family poverty in order to achieve shared policy agendas. Commissioned and published by The Policy Observatory, AUT.

Pennies from Heaven: Why Cash Works Best to Ensure All Children Thrive, 2017

Is an unconditional universal payment to families with babies and young children the best way to ensure our children get the best possible start? Pennies from Heaven investigates different interventions across the world used to improve families and children’s lives, from different welfare policy approaches, early childhood education, through to unconditional cash payments. What has most relevance given why poverty leads to poor outcomes for families and children? And what might work for families and children in New Zealand? Published by the Morgan Foundation.