Want to learn how to apply values messaging, savvy framing, and the science of story to your work? Attending a training session with The Workshop is a great way to deepen your understanding and learn the techniques of our evidence-led communication framework, while connecting with others.

Training: Values, Framing & The Science of Story

We run tailored training sessions throughout the year in a variety of topics related to our collective well-being: eg inequality, poverty, human rights, conservation. In these sessions we explore values messaging, framing and language, and how to tell stories about structures and systems. We use specific examples from the topic area to highlight how to apply the techniques.

We also deliver introductory and masterclass sessions as Common Cause partners. In Common Cause sessions we focus on values specifically and their ability to connect people to issues that affect our collective well-being. We help you identify the best values based messages, and how as organisations and individuals we can work together to create a more just, sustainable and democratic world.

You can become a member of The Workshop and receive training and advice tailored to your organisation’s area of work. Contact us to find out more on becoming a member organisation.


Science of Story workshop

This training is the first of 3 sessions in which we introduce the principles of The Workshop’s communication framework, and provide examples as they relate to family poverty, inequality and well-being. In this session we focus on values and facts. 

Upcoming workshops

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